About US


Chair Billie Johnson

Vice-Chair Marisa Voelkel

Secretary Kimberly Smith

Treasurer Scott Frostman

Facts About the 2nd District

2nd District Demographics
2nd District Representative 1848 to 2023
2022 US Senate Votes by Ward
2022 Governor Votes by Ward
All Election Returns
2nd District Map

Members of Our Executive Board

  • Brandon Maly – Dane
  • Chrissi Illgen – Dane
  • John Fandrich – Green
  • Barb Peterson – Green
  • William Neal- Iowa
  • Chad Peterson – Iowa
  • Dave Certa – Lafayette
  • Doug Weaver – Lafayette
  • Andreina Patilliet – Rock
  • Dan Hubert – Rock
  • Jerry Helmer – Sauk
  • Robert Wood-Sauk

Our Mission

The Republican Party of the 2nd Congressional District seeks to bring together Republican activists, business leaders, candidates, and elected officials to advance conservative principles at all levels of the six counties in this district.

Protecting the most vulnerable among us, including the pre-born, providing school choice, lower taxes, constitutionally limited and accountable government, personal responsibility, strong faith institutions, and advocating for a strong national defense are some of our priorities.

The Republican Party welcomes everyone, with many ways to get involved through working with our local county parties.

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