10 Million Reasons

by Gregory Erickson

Janet Protasiewicz took 10 million dollars from the Democrat Party of Wisconsin for her Supreme Court campaign. How much did her opponent Daniel Kelly take from the Republican Party? Zip, zero, zilch. He took an ethical stand. She didn’t.

But Janet has had character/ethical issues much of her life. At age 34 she married 70 year old highly respected retired judge & WW2 veteran Patrick Madden. 2 witnesses, one a Democrat family friend and the other her former son-in-law Michael Madden, are on record she routinely and repeatedly physically abused him fueled by intoxication. Fortunately for Madden he divorced her in 9 months. Did she marry a lonely man for love or career? Imo, an overwhelming majority of us vote career.

During the campaign she boldly and routinely lied about Kelly’s record. It worked. She fooled people and won. Outside Democrat money in the tens of millions poured into Wisconsin. Democrats expect an investment return. She stated her redistricting mission is to make the state ‘bluer’. Maps are “unfair” and “rigged”. Her words. Forget the Constitution and law.

Charles Geyh, an Indiana U. law professor who specializes in ethics said, “A reasonable observer, knowing that she has prejudged the system as ‘rigged’ before the case begins, might reasonably doubt her impartiality.” She is bought and paid for by the Democrat Party for 10 million dollars to serve it first. The rest of us can fight for justice crumbs that fall from her table.

Now Democrats are spending untold millions to convince us that Republicans are thwarting democracy by considering impeachment. She was elected 1 time. Let’s take a democracy measurement. There are 64 Republican Assemblymen and 22 Senators. They face the voters for accountability every 2 & 4 years respectively. They have faced countless more elections and re-elections (well over 100) to her 1, making their democratic bona fide and supremacy and accountability to the people far superior to hers.

It’s not even close. My friend Todd Novak has faced voters 4 times in a mostly blue district and won the last election by his greatest margin. For many others it’s the same story. Democrats can take the millions of hypocrisy they are spending and put it where the Sun doesn’t shine. 🙂 Peace!

Gregory Erickson
Veteran and Constitution Defender

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