The Truth Will Set You Free

by Rebecca Witherspoon

Never quit asking questions about what happened on J6. It is not what the media and our political leaders try to describe it. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, we the people deserve to understand EVERYTHING that happened leading up yo and including that day, whether it fits our personal political beliefs or not. 

What happened that day was absolutely disgusting. Those who chose to storm the Capitol, no matter the reason, were absolutely wrong to do so. Those who chose to lash out in violence deserve to be held accountable. The utter depravity of our “leaders” at that time should ALL be held accountable. The truth of embedded intelligence and law enforcement officers in the crowd also needs to be fully exposed and if it is revealed (which it appears it is being revealed) that they not only participated in the violence but also instigated and/or encouraged the storming and violence then EACH AND EVERY person should be exposed and held accountable. Those who were in political charge of the safety at the Capitol who REFUSED to allow peace officers to understand the known intelligence or to maintain the peace so that the resulting violence could be quashed before it began should also be held accountable. 

This was not a one-sided event. It appears to have been a purposeful intelligence and politically coordinated choice to not only allow the violence but to also score political points as a result of the violence. 

Rebecca Witherspoon
Author & Blogger

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