by Bruce Kloepping

Sound of Freedom Movie Review

A poignant spoken line from the movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ was “They are all God’s children.”  Human traffickers are stealing millions of children to be used as sex slaves and this has become a big business enterprise for the drug cartels. It was stated that a baggie of cocaine could be sold only once but a child sex slave can be sold again and again. These children may be abused for years and when they are no longer useful. The child is killed, and their organs are harvested and sold. I shudder at the thought of this action.

Currently over 27 million people across the world are enslaved in forced labor or sex trafficking. It is a global problem, and the United States is the number one consumer of child sex. Mexico is the number one provider. Our federal government has released over 85,000 unaccompanied minors from border control custody. All contact with these minors has been lost. Where do they go? Who is in control of their lives? What will be their fate? Remember they are God’s children.

‘Sound of Freedom’, a movie about child sex trafficking and how Tim Ballard a former Homeland Security agent rescued over 100 children from a sex trafficking ring, was produced in 2018 but 20th Century Fox decided not to distribute it. Disney owned the film in 2019 and did not release it. Both Netflix and Amazon passed on the film. Angel Studios thankfully now has the distribution rights. The film was released on July 4th and is doing very well in terms of both attendance and revenue.

My wife and I saw this movie and we were deeply moved and distressed. I recommend that you go and see this movie. It is important that we support movies of this nature that Hollywood does not want to show. There is now concern about child sex trafficking by some politicians on Capitol Hill because of this movie and they plan to pass some legislation to protect the children. So go see the movie and then contact your legislator to press him or her into action.

Bruce Kloepping
Green County Conservative
Brodhead, Wisconsin

Editors Note: As of August 3rd 14.5 million tickets to see the movie have been sold. It is still in area theaters, there is still time to see it.

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