The Great Awakening

by Ralph Kiefer

A group of Patriots including RPDC members gathered at Victory Center Church to view the movie “The Great Awakening.”  The movie is part history of Communism since Lenin became the established leader in 1917, and part an introduction into the tactics of thought control Communists use to control people. To explain the tactics of thought control the movie relies on several authors, including G. Edward Griffin’s work exposing Communist tactics, and Mattias Desmet’s recent work on Mass Formation Hypnosis. There was a good audience discussion after the film. 

In conclusion the MC talked of the need for citizens to participate in civic action.  He announced Victory Center Church will be hosting 2 action training programs:  One by Patriotic Academy and the other by Rick Green.  Thanks Victory Center Church for hosting this event.

Ref:  The Great Awakening Documentary go to:

Ref: G. Edward Griffin:

Ref:  Mattias Desmet: Epoch Times

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