Keeping Our Eye On The Ball

As happy as we would be to see Meagan Wolfe thrown out on her imbecilic hindquarters, we need to remind ourselves that a resolution was passed at the May 2022 Wisconsin State Convention calling for dissolution of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

WEC is a rogue and unconstitutional agency, no matter its head.  We should not be fooled into thinking leadership change is a win when so much of what WEC has done undermined constitutional principle and election integrity.  Our constitutions – federal and state – are being purposefully diluted, rendered inconsequential through the activities of this and other agencies of the fourth branch.

We must maintain ball control over the long haul; any spiking of ball before we have reached the end zone, by mindlessly celebrating leadership change for example, becomes, defacto, an affirmation that these agencies have a right to exist in the first place when they most assuredly do not. These illicit agencies have been repurposed by the hard left, made into important tools of conquest for the fourth branch — the fourth branch: unelected, unconstitutional, increasingly unaccountable bureaucratic government.

Like the present unconstitutionally INSTALLED federal government, WEC is illicit and thoroughly illegitimate.  All such agencies and branches of government, federal and state, must immediately be stripped of power and resource, and entirely dissolved — no vestigial rump must be allowed to remain. All wrongdoers must be prosecuted.

Yes that is harsh, but the alternative, allowing any part of leviathan to live on, will eventually seal the fate of the American Republic, ensuring our own demise. Manifestly, we are in the process of being devoured.

Steve Hufton Chair,
Fair Elections Committee
Republican Party of Dane County

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